Bet She’an and Nazareth

Today we went we got up and went to breakfast.  We had honeycomb, bread yogurt and tea.  Then we went and put our toes in the Sea of Galilee. The water was really warm. We drove through an agricultural area where they grow bananas. The banans had huge blue or grey bags over then to keep the rats off and the entire orchard had nets over them to keep the birds off. We stopped at the Church of the Multiplication. This is where the Bible says that Jesus turned two fish and five loaves of bread into enough food to feed 5000 people. Then we went and saw Bet She’an. It is an old Roman city. There was a HUGE amphitheater, a fortress hill and a long street with pillars and columns all along it. We found a mosaic that was in Greek so we took a picture to try to translate it. We climbed up to the fortress hill which took about 5 minutes you could see the entire area from there. After we were done there we drove to Nazareth. It is really cool because it is an old town that it is where Jesus was from. We were staying at guest house and the man who owns it was really nice. He offered me a snack. We went for a walk and explored Nazareth. The Chrstian church bells were ringing at the same time as the Muslim call to worship. Also, people honk their car horns a lot so it was kind of crazy noise but it sounded cool. II got hungry so we got a schwarma and a big basket of fresh oranges. Then we walked back to our hotel and had dinner and went to bed. What a great day.
Loaves and Fishes Mosiac

2000 year old mosiac at Bet She’An

Pomagranate Tree

Bet She’An

Amphatheater at Bet She’an

Greek mosaic at Bet She’an

Nazareth at Night
Buying fruit in Nazareth

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