Sea of Galilee

When we went to breakfast today I had honeycomb 2 omelets, a yogurt drink and some fruit. Not much new today for breakfast. Then we went to Magdalena. It is a town that was built in he 1stt century AD. It was found by accident last May so it is a new archeological site. It has many mosics floors, and a lot of old columns. The village market place has small pools. Archeologists believe that they were for for fish so that they could sell them and have them the fresh. The village was buried under only one foot underground! They had camels there so we got to see them up close. We also saw the church they have built that is right on the water. The alter looks like a boat and when you look from the seats it appears to e floating on the sea. We went to lunch at a Israel steak restaurant. I had a “meat kebob”. It is not common to say what kind of meat but it is usually lamb. After lunch we went back to our hotel and went swimming. I swam for about 3 hours. The pool was right next to the Sea of Galilee! For dinner we went to a fish place. I ordered St. Peter’s Fish and was expecting a little filet. I got a fish, like the whole thing! It was looking at me with its head and its tail still on. It was weird!!!! Then we went to bed. See you tomorrow.

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