Oslo, Norway


We arrived in Oslo, Norway and went immediately to our apartment. For dinner, we had pizza at a local restaurant. Swedish and Norwegians are crazy about pizza. We went back to the apartment and went to sleep for a day of exploration.

Today we wandered down to the royal palace. We watched the changing of the guards. they wear all black uniforms even in the summer. They line up to keep the crowd out of the way and if you go too close to the palace they stomp over and glare at you. They have a large black feather on their hats that looks like a muppet. We then went to look at the fort. Many of the buildings there are still being used for their original purposes. The stables are used for horses and the barracks for the guards. There is a small castle, canons, walls, and other buildings. We next went to meet our friend Asle and we went to dinner together. I had Salmon that was really good. Dad had reindeer meat. It had a red dot of jelly and dad started singing “Rudolph the red nosed dinner” It was really sad.

The final full day, we had a chill morning. Then we went and found an amazing park that had chess squares that were a square foot each with huge pieces making a massive board to play on. We played a few games of chess. We got some great Norwegian Chinese food to escape the rain and then after the storm played another game of chess. We went on to the roof of the Oslo Opera House which was COOL! We wandered Oslo for a while longer before riding on the ferry to the outlying islands during sunset. We watched a HUGE cruise ship going out to sea and saw lots of small fishing boats. We listened to a man playing cello on the dock before going back to the apartment to sleep.

Lots of pictures this time. So much to see!


7 Responses to “Oslo, Norway

  • Barb Walker
    3 years ago

    You’ve been gone almost a month already. Time flies when you’re having fun.

  • Christina Ells
    3 years ago

    We love reading your blog posts!! What an amazing adventure you’re having!

  • Tom Bieging
    3 years ago

    I am not sure the guards would like to know you thought they looked like muppets in their uniforms! Are those pictures at the end of the blog? I tried to click on them and nothing happens. Please keep us up to date on your travels.

  • Beth Patrick
    3 years ago

    HI Rhys-

    Love reading of your adventures-keep it up! I can’t open the pictures either so I will just have to use my imagination.

  • Looks like a great adventure!

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