Sleeping in a Sawmill and Exploring a Castle

We started by driving from Edinburgh past Glasgow to a lovely peninsula. We stayed in what used to be an old sawmill but it’s now been converted into an apartment. We got there pretty late and did a short hike before going to sleep. The next day we went and explored the amazing botanical gardens. They have plants from all around the world including monkey puzzle which I greatly enjoyed. It reminds me of a person doing yoga because it is very strangely positioned and flowy. See the pictures for what I mean. It is called monkey puzzle because a man who owned one once said that even a monkey would have trouble climbing it because of the sharp spines on it. After exploring the gardens for multiple hours, we went to find a grocery store, so that we could get food for the next few days. We went to the small town of Dunoon to find a Co-op which is like a tiny Kings Soopers back home. That night we went back home and ate dinner and slept. The next morning, we went to Inveraray Castle near the town of Inveraray. The castle had quite a few nice weapons and I wish I could have one of the swords. We also did a  long hike up to a watch tower that was built in the 1800’s. It was a great hike and I love to see in the watchtower and the town of Inveraray below us. Inveraray is unique because the buildings can only be painted black and white. No color is allowed on the buildings. We went back and ate dinner and went to sleep. The sawmill is out in the middle of nowhere and there were sheep cows and even baby lambs and a baby cow that were very cute. They had a very hard life, they had to eat, sleep, and then drink milk, and eat, and sleep. The lady who owns the sawmill liked us and said she would definitely like us to come back.    


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