Manchester Lacrosse

Manchester is a great city! We arrived Thursday afternoon and that evening I had lacrosse practice. We arrived at the feild to pick up my gear as we had mailed it to one of the coaches and found that the shipping company had taken the wrong bag. We were shipping two with them and they put their own label on that said TO MANCHESTER! ours on the back said, “to the Netherlands” they also failed to pick up the other bag. It was annoying but I borrowed gear. I love the team. There great and funny people. For dinner we had homemade ramen that Dad made. It was so good, egg, beef, and noodles. Great for after lacrosse.

Friday we did some homework and work, I did some lacrosse practice on my own and we had a genaral rest day. I was nervous but excited for the next days game!

Saterday morning I woke up earrly and got ready for lacrosse. I did not play number 11 as I usually do but I might get to next week. Instead, I played number 13.  Our game started with us getting up one to nothing. unfortunately, we lost. I almost had a few goals but didnt get any. After the game bothteams went inside the clubhouse for soup and Jafa Cakes. One of my team mates said, “Jafa Cakes are the bullding blocks of Brisitsh society!” Jafa Cakes are a cookie with an orange and chocolate on them. They are not my favorite! We then drove to Cheadle and watched the big players some of which were on the Wales national team. They also lost unfortantly lost. Next week we will all do better!

We were off to Lladudno after the game. Be back soon England now back to Wales

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  • Tom Bieging
    2 years ago

    Sounds like Jaffa cakes may be good for building the British empire but not so much for lacrosse. What is the name of your team?

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