We flew to Dortmund Germany and went to our house for the afternoon. We did a short walk and went to bed early so we could get up early for the event in the morning.

We drove to Westfalenpark and immediately knew we were in the right spot. We walked to our gate and entered the most ridiculous and crazy thing ever… Pokemon Go fest. We started by going to a small pond that had boats on the shore. it was a very small pond only about a foot deep and you pushed your little barrel-shaped boat around with a wood pole. The festival started soon and we went around doing festivaly things. We met a ton of people who we are still friends with and also met a few people from Cardiff university. I also got 2nd place at a battling challenge! As it was nearing the end of the day We went to our “Team lounge” and they were doing a shirt and keychain giveaway. The man leading it was a very large German man who spoke very accented English and he got up on the podium and said “I have always wanted to be like Oprah Winfrey you know you get a car you get a car! So I am going to try it. You get a shirt! You get a Keychain! You get a shirt” He went on for a long time and we got a metric TON of keychains and a few shirts.

As we were driving back to our house we stopped at a building that looked like a giant strawberry and bought some strawberries.

In all, we had a great day and I had so much fun. Make sure to read my next blog titled Mommy this isn’t the way the bus is supposed to go MK.2

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  • Barb Walker
    5 years ago

    I don’t know how, in your lifetime, you will surpass this past year. But I know better than to dare you to anything!


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