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Asteria Aerospace
January 6, 2021 By RhysHanson 1

I've just begun my second-semester sophomore independent study project, to design, build and launch a multi-stage rocket with a scientific payload to 30,000ft (initially at Hartsel, Colorado and probably New Mexico later) and document my project. My aerospace project website is Please subscribe to

Rose Parade and JPL
January 6, 2020 By RhysHanson 0

A week in Pasadena was awesome. We got to help decorate Rose Parade floats, see my friend Caroline (who I met on a National Geographic cruise in Alaska), went to the Rose Bowl Football game and got a private tour of JPL. More info coming

Normandy and Disney
August 9, 2019 By RhysHanson 3

We took a bus from Dortmund to Paris and then picked up a car and drove to our house for the night. We arrived at the bus and found that there was no power, ac, or wifi... for a ten-hour bus drive. We messaged the

July 31, 2019 By RhysHanson 0

I forgot to mention before Dortmund we went to the north coast of Germany and got to go to a small man-made lake on the ocean. We swam and played for many hours. The best parts were the giant floating trampoline and the inflatable obstacle

July 29, 2019 By RhysHanson 1

We flew to Dortmund Germany and went to our house for the afternoon. We did a short walk and went to bed early so we could get up early for the event in the morning. We drove to Westfalenpark and immediately knew we were in

July 25, 2019 By RhysHanson 1

After sending our Family on their way we took a bus trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. We arrived in the early evening and went to our apartment that was oddly near to our place we stayed last time we were in Gothenburg. See Here. We were

Denmark Norway and Family
July 20, 2019 By RhysHanson 2

Grandma Papa and Aiden were supposed to arrive around 8pm but their connection in Paris caused them to arrive at 11pm. The next morning Aiden and Papa slept until past noon (Papa was not feeling good.) so Grandma and I went on a long walk