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Albanian Architecture
March 16, 2019 By RhysHanson 4

Albanian Architecture is very odd. The first main point that I have found interesting is that almost every building has re-bar sticking out the top. This is because if you have plans to build more on to the building than it is still under construction

Weekend in Corfu
March 8, 2019 By RhysHanson 5

This weekend we went to Corfu, Greece. We have wanted to go for a while now and we decided that as we are leaving the area soon we should go now. We mainly wanted to play on the beaches. We waited a few weeks to

The Week Day Trip To Permet
February 23, 2019 By RhysHanson 2

This week we took a trip to Permet. Permet is a small town about 2 hours by car from Serande. There is a warm spring there that is very nice... in the off-season. In the busy season which is late spring and the summer months, it

Our Exciting Albanian Weekend
February 18, 2019 By RhysHanson 3

This weekend was one of the best so far in Albania. It started on Saturday when we decided to go to Butrint which is 20 minutes south by bus. Butrint is the location of the ruins of the town of Butrint which was a town in the

Our Trip By the Numbers
February 11, 2019 By RhysHanson 6

We have had a long trip so far but what exactly are some of the numbers for it? 13 Boats 1 veggie peeler used to cut cheese 2 hot springs "thank you" in 7 languages 3 seas 4 college tours 3 sports played 2 basketball

Let’s Eat! Albanian Style
February 5, 2019 By RhysHanson 7

Albania has much of the same food as many of the other Mediterranean countries. In Sarande, the diet consists of lots of meat, veggies and fruit (often citrus). They rely on fish, cows, pigs, sheep and goats for their main meat. Chickens play a large part

Well, There is Something for the Resume
January 27, 2019 By RhysHanson 5

I have accidentally been recruited to play on the Serande 8th-grade boy's basketball team. On Saturday I went to their practice because it was at the same time the School Director said I could use a wall of the gym for lacrosse practice. The boys on the