Warrior WARP Lacrosse

I first learned about the Warrior Warp lacrosse stick from my coach. We were playing at a tournament and my head’s stringing coming undone. My coach let me borrow his stick that had a Warp head. I loved using the stick at the tournament. It was so easy to scoop with and very efficient to pass with. I had to use so little energy to do anything. It also made my passes much more accurate. I realized that it was time to retire my old stick so, I decided to get what my coach had. It was somewhat expensive so I set up five different lemonade stands in order to buy it. I was so excited when the head arrived. I immediately mounted it to the shaft and began doing wall ball.

I like to Warp stick because it is so easy and accurate to use. Ground balls are easy to scoop up while running at full speed and passing is very fast, easy, and accurate. When I shoot at the goal, my shots are the fastest they’ve ever been. If you want to nail one spot, all you have to do is move the stick a little bit and it’ll be right there! There are rarely (if ever) off-target shots. It’s almost 100% accurate.

With other heads, I have experienced, the ball can go out of the center and to different parts of the head, messing up your pass or shot. The Warp’s channel mesh keeps the ball safely in the one spot to make it so that your shots and passes are right where they are supposed to be.

I had the opportunity to play in the FIL World Championship junior tournament this year and it was great to play with the Warp. I felt like I was able to control the ball and played a really good tournament.  

Senior (age 16+) players from all around the globe want to look at it because it looks unique. When they fiddled with it they realized it works so much better than other sticks! Members of team Wales, Australia, Uganda, Austria, Israel and others including a bunch of fans and other junior players were amazed by my stick! I know of at least 2 people who bought Warps because of me showing them mine.

I thought it fascinating that so many people loved the stick. I hadn’t really known it was such a unique stick until I discovered how much other people were interested in it. The only problem was having it at FIL is that we were playing on the sand and a not very thick grass field, so my stick’s head got all scratched up. Bummer but it is still usable.

I have played in Israel and practiced in England, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Ireland so far. I will be playing again in the UK and all over in Europe in the next year and I’m glad to have my great Warp with me, even though it could use a polish up.


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