Ireland is Great

I have had a great time in Ireland. One of my favorite things we did was see all the castles and cathedrals. Many Lords and Dukes and other wealthy business people built manor houses, castles and palaces to live in. Around these, villages sprung up for the farmers, ranchers, servants and their families. This gave birth to the saying “Oh there’s the village castle!” Many of these people are also religious so they wanted churches to worship at. But not just any old church they wanted theirs to stand out from the crowd. The larger and fancier, the better! Most of the churches were at the opposite end of the town “square” from the castle. Oddly, the square is not usually a square at all but a triangle!

While in Ireland we also saw the Cliffs of Mohre. They are about three hundred feet high and plunge into the sea. There is even an old watchtower perched on the edge. Though the cliffs were cool, we didn’t really want any more (hee hee) and left while it started to rain hard. We did not go kiss the Blarney stone as it is expensive and the lines can take between 2 and three hours! Plus, kissing a stone that other people have kissed is weird and gross!

We went to Gap of Dunloe and rode in a horse carriage up and walked back. Our house was Lily. It was really fun and it was so pretty. Mom said she felt like we were in a book and not in reality

We stayed in a nice apartment that was on a farm. The dog there even tried to steal Mom’s shoe. There was a really old cemetery across the street from our house so we went and looked around.

We drive around the Ring of Kerry. I enjoyed it but I was reading a really good book so I let Mom and Dad tell me when there were highlights and otherwise, I read. It was a rainy and foggy day so I do not think I missed too much! We did get out and explore an old fort that was really cool. Other than that we relaxed, explored Ireland, and ate pizza at a restaurant that is in the village’s old Oratory.

Our last night in Dublin we stayed in a place next to one of the main cathedrals and over an Indian restaurant.  The stairs smelled like curry but the apartment was okay. I think the poor monk in the bell tower was ringing the bells for an hour at a time so I am not sure how he kept going.

We also went to Trinity College to see the Long Room Library. It was total NERDVANA!!!!

Now it is off to Holyhead Wales by ferry. Thanks, Ireland!



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  • “We also went to Trinity College to see the Long Room Library. It was total NERDVANA!!!!”: Yeah, most Americans head to Saint James Gate to visit the Guinness factory; but Trinity College is a great collection of well-known artifacts; including “The Book of Kells”:
    Very jealous of your visit … hope I can make it some day; but the collection is on-line.

  • Barb Walker
    3 years ago

    All your Irish ancestors thank you for visiting.

  • What is the picture with the purple lighting? Is that an Irish Rave?

    • RhysHanson
      3 years ago

      That is the pizza place that used to be a church. Crazy huh?

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