Holland and Belgium

I am trying a new blog style for this one. You can listen to each section and then see photos of the things we did. Make sure to scroll down for more audio and photos!

Train to Amsterdam

Arriving in Amsterdam

Living in a Houseboat

View out the windows on our houseboat. Amstel River

Incredible sinking restaurant

Funny construction sign

Narrowest House in Amsterdam. 2 meters wide!

Photo sphere of a courtyard at Amsterdam University.

Cool bridge

Unique drawbridge in Amsterdam

Anne Frank House

Keukenhof Gardens

More tulips!

Oops! Not How We Planned to Spend the Day!

Bachelorette Hannah and Chris Harrison. Dad had to tell me who they were!

Ballroom in Hague where we saw the Bacheorette filming

Bikes in The Netherlands… It’s What You Do

More tulips!

Brussels, Hold the Sprouts

Puking Peter https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/commemoration-of-peter-the-great-s-vomit

Belgian CHOCOLATE!!!!

City Hall, Brussels

View from the Music Museum restaurant

Black Tower

Noses of Ghent

Ghent nose in the town square.

Me and the Ghent nose stand we bought our noses from.

Ordering Little Noses in Ghent and learning about the history of the candy.

My Ghent Nose beer! Mom and Dad said it was NASTY!

Battle of the Noses

Ghent Belfry

Giant church in Ghent

Castle in Ghent

Stained glass window in one of the churches of Ghent

One of the marching bands in the Easter Monday Parade. Those PANTS!

A character from the parade. This guy bopped me on the head with his broom and then snuck up behind me and dumped flour in my hair.

Atomium http://atomium.be/

Flowers at the Roya Palace Gardens. They were open for 2 weekends and we happened to be there for one of them. I want their orangery!

Monument in Brussels Park

Blue Bells are NOT Bigger in Texas!

Blue Forest in The Netherlands

2 Responses to “Holland and Belgium

  • Barb Walker
    5 years ago

    Loved hearing you narrate your adventures. We always notice how deep your voice has become. Can’t wait to see you in person!

  • Scott Isaacs
    5 years ago

    Great storytelling Rhys! You sound great on your audio clips. Keep up the good work, and keep having fun in Holland and Belgium!

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