What a Way to Start Our Trip!

We are in Israel today.  We went to go see Caesarea. There was a Circus Maximus, an amphitheater and King Herod’s palace. Caesarea was King Herod’s main coastal city and the amphitheater is still in use today. It was cool to see the columns we have talked about in school. I recognized the parts ad told my family before we even saw the sign! It was amazing because there were no fences, chains or anything telling you to stay off. We walked all over the place. I even sat in King Harod’s bath tub! All of the items were real, not reproductions.  

After that we went to the beach. At the beach there was an aqua duct from the Roman city and it led to Caesarea it is over 30, meters long which means about 15 miles. The beach was on the Mediterranean Sea. After that we went to dinner on the shore. Not bad for 24 hours in Israel!

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  • I love reading about your adventure. Keep it up!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Geoff and I are super jealous of all of the fun you are having on your trip! How cool that you got to walk all over the ruins – but also a bit sad since they won't be the same for our kiddos if everyone keeps doing that 🙁 We love reading about your adventure so keep posting!

  • Extra credit for you! Good job on the columns.

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