Arab Market in Tira

Today we went to the market in the Arab village of Tira.  There was so much stuff I had a hard time seeing everything.  We went to the meat market where people but lot and lots of meat.  Next door was the bread store. I got the cheese and bread pocket with get a cheese and herbs.  It was really good.  We walked  around the market and saw everything you can imagine.  We stopped at the baklava man.  His table is covered in different kinds of baklava and is about 5 feet by 12 feet.  Yum!  Then we took a two hour drive through the mountains. The forest and mountains are very different than ours in Colorado.  They are much smaller and the trees are not dense.  the there not as big is ours. We drove to Ein Bokek which is right on the shore of the dead Sea.! The Dead Sea is 424 meters BELOW sea level! We went and swam in the dead sea for a while and it is fun to float on the top of the water. It’s actually hard to sink,  in fact you can’t! It does not matter if the water is feet or 200 feet deep because to do not touch the bottom. You can see Jordan on the other side of the sea. We will be there in a few days!  Then we went to the Taj Mahal restaurant for dinner.  The food was amazing.  We had hummus, babaganoush,  lots of veggies,  pita,  shwarma, kebabs and then baklava for dessert. There are  was a lot of stray cats in Israel.  If you see one with one ear clipped, then that means that they have been fixed and can not have kittens. This is because there are so many there’s so many they do not want more strays.  Time for sleep,  it has been another fun but exhausting day. 



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