Dead Sea is WEIRD!!!

To all my friends relaxin’ at home in their lounge chairs,  drinking iced lattes,  here is a summary of my day.  Today we went to the Dead Sea for a swim.  It feels like you are swimming in ketchup. You can still swim through it but you float. It is like nothing I have ever felt or imagined before.
Then we went to Masada,  the mountain fortress of King Harod of Israel. His fortress is just above sea level,  over 1394 feet above the Dead Sea. One of the cool things about it is that the Romans attacked and eventually succeeded in building  a
 siege tower and taking over the city. After the Romans abandoned the city,  the Byzantine Monks moved in.  They had a vegetable garden 6 miles away from the city by the Dead Sea.  Everyday they would send out a donkey to get fresh veggies.  The donkey would have to walk 6 miles down curved mountain path to the garden. He would be set a few carrots and loaded up with vegetables that he would take back up the mountain.  He did it all by himself!

My family then  drove to Eilat.  We checked into our hotel on the Red Sea and had dinner. With 3 of us we had 22 plate on a table! Cool fact that is real is that at almost every meal there’s lemonade because they so many lemons here.

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