Today for breakfast I tried a lot of new things like lox and honeycomb. Then we checked out and went out to grab a taxi to the laundry place. After we dropped the laundry we went and saw the old city Jerusalem, the Western Wall and archaeological museum. My Dad and I went and touched the Western Wall and we watched some boys receiving their Mitsva.  I got a kosher cupcake from one of their Moms.  We had a guide that showed us all around the south wall. It was very cool to learn about.  For lunch we had pomegranate and orange juice, then we walked on top of the city wall for a little while, found a playground to play.  As we were walking out of the old city we stopped at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and  saw the Angel Stone,  the Stone of Anointment and part of Christ’s Tomb. It was amazing to see those pieces of religious history! We went back to the laundromat and back to our hotel and drove to Tiberias where we had dinner. For dinner we had shwarma and hummus and falafel. It was really good. Then we went to bed.

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