Learning From The Best

I recently had the great opportunity to go to learn how to take better pictures with professional landscape photographer, John Fielder.

I was very happy to learn about my brand new Canon EOS M100 as I had gotten it very recently. I used both my wide angle and zoom lenses to capture nature’s beauty.

We took pictures of lilacs, sunflowers, aspens and meadows with the snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the distance.

We learned many things that will help me on my upcoming travels. The main three are:

  • Don’t take the same picture everyone else would take. For example, if you are taking a photo at sunset, do not just take a photo of the sky, find something that the light looks interesting on.
  • Make the photos interesting. If you have something interesting in the distance, make sure you either get just the distant subject or something interesting in the foreground too.
  • Keep it simple.

Thank you Mr. Fielder, for teaching me all about the amazing world of photography.

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