Top Ten Things We Did Today (July 24, 2018)

Top ten things we did on our VERY busy day in Stockholm. In no particular order.

  • Double-decker bus tour around the city.
  • Boat tour around the city.
  • Viking Alive Museum. Great Viking museum with a story about Vikings and interactive exhibits. I played a Hnefatafl (a Viking game) with a boy from Austria!


  • Going up to the top of the Erikkson Globe on the Skyview.
  • Eating a crepe in the Old City.

  • Seeing the Royal Palace.
  • Navigating the subway and train system for my family.
  • Eating Swedish strawberry licorice while sitting at the harbor. But what is it with these hot dogs that are WAY longer than the buns???


  • Enjoying the city of Stockholm casually with no timeline.


  • Having Georgian (as in Russian) food for dinner.

The lesson of the day:  Try and don’t like is better than don’t try and never know!

6 Responses to “Top Ten Things We Did Today (July 24, 2018)

  • Sounds like you are really immersing yourself with culture. The game looks interesting. Is it similar to anything played here in the states?

  • Gram Walker
    3 years ago

    Love your words and pictures. Keep writing.

  • Those are the longest Hotdogs I ever seen! LoL

  • Georgian food is my favorite food. Full hard stop. I’m glad you tried it…though it sounds like perhaps you didn’t like it as much? Stockholm sounds like a wonderful city!

  • Perfect lesson for traveling! And those hot dogs are hysterical! Are they all longer than the buns?? Hahahaha

  • Oh and great job getting so many pics in these posts! Makes them much more engaging.

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