First Day in Stockholm!

I loved my first day in Stockholm. I like the old architecture in the city. It is a blend of really old and new buildings. We saw a solar boat and a bus boat. It was amphibious and could drive on the land and in the water. WEIRD. The artwork in the subways is cool. Every station has different art painted or hanging on the walls. As we walked we did some serious laughing at silly things.

Today was a bit crazy but it was fun. We woke up and had the amazing breakfast you saw earlier and then we went to the subway. We made it to where we were going before realizing that we had not gotten our email with our digital tourist pass. Three and a half hours later, after going back to the main subway station, switching to the real main train station that we didn’t know existed, finding the information desk, and talking to them for thirty minutes. We got the pass!!!! We then decided we did not have much time left to go to the museum that we had wanted to go to, so we went to find a park. We found one on google maps but when we got there after a mile long walk. we found that we couldn’t get in. We rode back on the trolly that we had not known was there. We came back to the apartment for dinner. What a crazy day! Tomorrow we will finally go to the museums. It will be really fun.

Lesson of the day. Most public bathrooms in Europe are not free but in churches, you can pee for free! And there are a LOT of churches!

2 Responses to “First Day in Stockholm!

  • Keep up the great tales of adventure. Im loving reading them.
    Safe travels and i hope you next days are not as crazy.
    Cant wait to read about the museum’s and see the photos of such a beautiful land.
    Sweden is a dream of mine and am excited to experience it through your blog.

  • Janet Shown
    3 years ago

    Your blog posts are highly entertaining, Rhys! Made me laugh and also make me happy that you guys are having such a great and interesting adventure.

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