Donso island is one of the best islands I’ve ever been to. We took the ferry named Vesta (my dog’s name) I enjoyed every inch of it. From walking on the beach and nature trail to playing in the cold water we did so much in our two days there. On the day we arrived we started by going swimming in the North Sea. (hint: it is cold) I accidentally stepped on a sharp shell and cut my foot really bad. The cut was one inch long and there was a lot of blood. We got it to stop bleeding and some people came from their house to give us bandages. We went back to the apartment and let my foot rest a bit before going to seafood dinner. The people on the island were so nice!

The next day we started by walking around town. We took a walk on a nature trail to a little lighthouse. We stayed there exploring for a little while before going swimming again. We saw a flounder some crabs, shrimp, and sand skimmers. We went back to the apartment for an early dinner of pasta and sausage. We went back to the beech to try crab fishing. We tied snails to a piece of string we found and put it in the water. Amazingly, we caught 3 crabs!

The next morning we hopped on the ferry to go to Oslo Norway! Thanks, (or Tack as they say)  Sweden.


7 Responses to “Donso

  • Barb Walker
    5 years ago

    Do many of the people there speak English?

    • RhysHanson
      5 years ago

      Yes, most of them do! Which is good because I know one word in Norwegian, tack. It means thank you.

  • And the amazing adventures continue!

  • I enjoyed reading it thanks Rhys

  • Tom Bieging
    5 years ago

    Did you guys eat the crabs you caught? What has been the best seafood you have had. Keep the blogs coming!


    • RhysHanson
      5 years ago

      We did not eat the crabs. They were too small to eat. That is what the locals said anyway. My favorite seafood has been the salmon.

  • Love this! Thank you for sharing your adventures, Rhys. Hope your foot is healing smoothly. Well done on catching three crabs ~ the ones here in San Diego tend to be fast and sneaky!

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