Manchester 2

Let me start by saying Happy Birthday Grandma Walker!

Back again in Manchester! I went to practice which was as fun as always. Then we drove to our apartment. It was great! We even had a washer and dryer! We went to bed and got ready for a great day tomorrow.

On Friday we had a lazy day. Dad and I walked to a park to do some lacrosse. We also did laundry but mostly it was a relaxing and work day.

Saturday we woke up and drove to where my lacrosse game was. We played Mersey. It was a great and fun game. We won 19-12 and I had eight goals and two assists. I really enjoyed getting to see what the team was really capable of and I am super excited for next week.  Lacrosse in England is a lot less competitive. People are nicer to one another and it is more about having fun than it is about winning. I have never had a locker room at home and at Mersey we had a real locker room.

We went and watched the Men’s Brooklands team. They won also. One of the parents from Israel recognized me and said hi. Her son Jack plays for the Wales National Team but plays for Brooklands also. It was fun to see them.

Then it was off back to Llandudno to watch the Wales Rally GB. An amazing rally race!


2 Responses to “Manchester 2

  • Tom Bieging
    2 years ago

    Good post. Great to hear how much fun lax is in England. It’s snowing here in Denver. Winter is not far off. Will you guys be headed for warmer weather soon.

  • Barb Walker
    2 years ago

    Thanks for the bd wishes. Congrats on 8 goals. Is that a personal record?

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