Wales Rally GB Llandudno (again)

As we arrived back in Llandudno we noticed something strange. We were having to reroute to get to our apartment. Why? Because of the Wales Rally GB, the main reason we came back to Llandudno. They were setting up for the in town stage of the final course. We got to our apartment which was the same building but our apartment was exactly one floor lower that the one we stayed in 5 years ago. We walked down to a Mediterranean restaurant. The food was okay but not great. My pasta was a little bland. We went to bed early in anticipation of the race tomorrow. Seeing one of these races has been on Dad and my bucket list so it is cool that we stumbled upon one!

We woke up ready for some racing! We ate some bacon, hash browns and eggs and went off up the hill for some great racing. The cars started about two minutes apart. They raced from one side of town out and around the windy cliff road and back into town on the other side. They raced around the roundabout and over a jump to the finish. They were amazing! They went so fast. When the first of two rounds was done we hiked back to where we were staying. When we were done with lunch we went down to the pier for some photos looking at the car. However, when the time for the first car to go came and the car did not show up we wondered why. We asked and apparently, a seven-year-old boy who was one of the motorcycle entertainers had crashed with another motorbike. The boy had to be med-evaced. The racers started again and we hiked to the big roundabout to watch the rest. It was a great day!

The next morning we left Llandudno.

P.S. The young boy has been taken out of life-threatening status and is in critical condition.

3 Responses to “Wales Rally GB Llandudno (again)

  • Barb Walker
    3 years ago

    Wow, how fun to discover such a fun event. Your fun radar must be set to “fine tune.” Sorry to hear about the little boy. Hope he recovers quickly.

  • That looks like fun to watch! You’re all going to have to make new bucket lists after fulfilling so many on this trip.

  • annabel
    3 years ago

    That video was crazy! Thanks Rhys for another great insight into your amazing adventure.

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