San Marino

Somehow I managed to forget that a few days before Venice we went to the small country of San Marino for a day. Most of the country is built on a mountain top so we parked at the bottom and rode the cable car up. We walked from there to a small balcony and saw the views below. It may be smaller than Liechtenstein but it is just as pretty. We walked over to the main square and were standing there when the two presidents of San Mariano walked by! They walked into the big building on one side of the square with some foreign person and we didn’t see them again We went to get some pizza for lunch. I ate 5 slices because it was so good! We walked further up the hill past the torture and vampire museums. Mom bought a new purse because her old one was falling apart. We walked further uphill to another castle and decided to turn around so we could see the sunset. The fog below the mountain made it feel like we were on an island in the middle of the sea. We went and saw the sunset. We saw the fog below us with the sunset light on it and we decided to head home. We boarded the gondola and headed down into the fog and drove home.


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  • Barb Walker
    2 years ago

    That’s some serious fog. Two presidents for a tiny country. Interesting.

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