Starling Murmuration

Today as we were driving towards 5 Terre (More on that soon.) from Florence, we saw a large dark cloud in the distance. We pulled off at the next exit and pulled into the Burger King parking lot, NOT to eat. We hopped out of the car and looked up.

What we saw were thousands of little birds all moving in crazy patterns. It was a Starling Murmuration. These are large gatherings of Starlings that fly in very intricate patterns. They are so complex that scientists still don’t know much about them. We watched until it flew off into the distance. Even though we got pooped on by them it was really cool.

4 Responses to “Starling Murmuration

  • Gram Walker
    6 years ago

    Wow! Who\what choreographed that? Way cool.

  • Great video and interesting posting!

  • That may have been one of the coolest things I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing! How do they not run into each other.

  • Janet Shown
    6 years ago

    Lucky you to see that! I’ve only seen videos of them before – and now yours is among those that just make my jaw drop! Thanks for sharing it with us, Rhys.

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