We took the train with Asle to Sandefjord. When we got to his house where he has invited us to stay for a few days. Thea had prepared Grot for us. Grot is like oatmeal that is a little milder. You put butter, sugar and cinnamon on it and serve yourself out of a huge pot. You use a wooden spoon to serve. We found out that this is why Santa has a spoon in Norway, children leave Grot out for him and he has to be able to serve it! Somewhere the pot is an almond. If you are the one to find it, you win you a marzipan pig. Now we know why there are marzipan pigs all over in the stores! We enjoyed dinner and soon went to bed after a long day.

Over the next few days, we didn’t do much fancy. We went on short walks and went swimming (indoors). We all did some work, read our books, played cards, cuddles with the cats Sara and Siri and had dinner at the truck stop (Read my next blog). After so long of moving so much, it was nice to slow down. We just had chill days both relaxing inside and freezing out. It was way below freezing each day as the high temperature and the sun rose about 9 am and set around 3 pm. Not much time! We enjoyed our time in Sandefjord and hope to come back soon! Thank you Asle for hosting us and Thea for making us grot. I wanted to get a picture of all of us but I forgot!

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  • Janet Shown
    6 years ago

    What a fun tradition! When I lived in Switzerland, our hosts had a similar tradition but with fondue and garlic toes. They would fight over who found the garlic toes. The prize was getting to eat them, which was their favorite thing.

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