Christmas Dinner, at a Norwegian Truck Stop, That Sells Cowboy Hats

Thea said that we needed a real Christmas dinner. She told us that the best one you could get was at one of the truck stops in town because they have large portions of good food. The truck stop also sells cowboy hats we were told. One night we got in the car and drove just outside of town to the truck stop. We jumped out of the car and my first thought was “this looks like something in Yellowstone”. It was all made with logs and the only thing that separated it from Yellowstone was the fact that it was right next to the ocean. We went in and saw the moose head and other stuffed creatures above the fireplace that was cranking out heat. We got a table right next to it and went up to order. They had a lot of stuff but I got the traditional Christmas dinner also known as Juletallerken. It had pork sausage, a chunk of pork with crispy sides. lingonberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and white and purple cabbage sour krout. It was all really good and following dinner, we had some dessert from the dessert bar which consisted of fruit, Christmas pudding, lime jello, along with more. We had a little bit of everything. It was getting late so went home and went to bed. I loved my Norwegian Christmas dinner.


5 Responses to “Christmas Dinner, at a Norwegian Truck Stop, That Sells Cowboy Hats

  • Barb Walker
    5 years ago

    That sounds delicious. Maybe you should open a Norwegian diner in Yellowstone — just for world balance!

  • I’m glad you liked it! Unfortunately, the food at Furulund is not quite as good as it used to be, but it gave you an idea of a Norwegian Christmas dinner – and a very full stomach

  • Joel Giltner
    5 years ago

    That does sound tasty! I’m happy that you enjoyed the experience, and do enjoy reading about your travels.

    Merry Christmas to you all, and safe travels!

  • Tom Bieging
    5 years ago

    Wow, lime jello for dessert! What more could you ask for at Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to you and your Mom and Dad.


  • Janet Shown
    5 years ago

    Now that’s a Christmas dinner you’ll remember forever! How fun!

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