Urbexing the Bagger 258

I had an amazing opportunity to go urbexing on the Bagger 258 which is one of the biggest machines on the planet. It is not used anymore but we still got to enjoy it listen to hear all about my amazing adventure. I even got to use some of my climbing from Apex Movement!

Have a listen to my 5-minute tale right here!

5 Responses to “Urbexing the Bagger 258

  • Barb Walker
    1 year ago

    Wow! That’s a monster!

    • Roy A.Hanson
      1 year ago

      Very good! Perhaps you can go back and fix it enough to put it back in operation! Good descriptions for our virtual tour.

  • Karen Thomas
    1 year ago

    Amazing! That thing is massive!

  • tom bieging
    1 year ago

    Awesome machine. What was it used for?

    • RhysHanson
      1 year ago

      Digging away the junk so they could reach the coal easier.

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