Czeching Out Czechia!

This time Prague. I decided to do a photo blog so you could see more of the city and less of my talking. I hope you enjoy it!


The main church in Prague Castle. This thing was massive!

A blacksmith who sold his creations in the market.

Franz Kafka’s head. The sculpture is made of small metal rings that spin to change its shape.

A tower made of books. There were mirrors at each end to make it seem even bigger.

A recreation of an alchemists toolkit.

The astronomical clock. Every hour some automatons ring the bell.

A WWII liberation day celebration.

A cool old building.

Another shot of the huge church.

The inside of the church.

Some amazing giant churro-like treats we had.

Gingerbread in a gingerbread store.

An old chess set at a monastery we went to.

A bookshelf at the library. (these books were fake and even all had the same name)

The library. (these books were real)

A maze of mirrors we went to (all of those people are me)

The same hall of mirrors.

Another picture of the clock.

Me in the Prague radio tower. Those chairs were amazing!

Two kids at an anti-government protest.

AN old tower at night.

Some locks on a bridge at night.

The Charles bridge at night.

Two men playing large trumpets.

Time to get dad new shoes!

The dancing house. A very odd architectural building.

A chandelier in a chapel.

Changing of the guard

Potato sticks!!!

More dough rolls.

Google maps guy.

5 Responses to “Czeching Out Czechia!

  • Amazing! Hope you’ve had a great time in Czechia!

  • Great job enjoyed the pics

  • Barb Walker
    4 years ago

    Great pix!


  • tom bieging
    4 years ago

    Love the Kafka statute. Can’t read his books!

  • Jim Zack
    4 years ago

    Dobro Rhys!

    I love Praha! Thanks for bringing back great memories of Karlovi Most (Charles Bridge), the Cathedral, King Wenceslas, and Gothic church. What camera/phone are you using to take these great photos? Ask your dad about SKRWT app to make bellows correction for shots of tall buildings.


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