Harry Potter and the Isle of Skye

Today we took a ferry boat with our car it was kind of strange! We stayed at a Castle for Mom’s birthday which was really cool. I really enjoyed getting to see all the old stone and stuff in the castle. This one was actually was more like a palace but there was a sword hanging over the window in the lobby and I was appointed the knight to defend the castle if anyone like zombies started to invade overnight. I really enjoyed staying in the castle and so did Mom. Dad and I played an awesome game of chess with some really cool chess pieces called the Lewis Chess Men. For dinner, we had incredible fish and chips and Mom had a potato and seafood pie. We also walked around town which is very enjoyable at night.  We went back and went to sleep in our tower! The next morning we woke up in the castle which was possibly one of the coolest things ever. We started packing. For breakfast, I had salmon and eggs. Mom had the breakfast buffet and Dad had the full Scottish breakfast including blood pudding and haggis. EW! He didn’t eat much of the blood pudding but devoured the haggis. My father is a strange one. 😊 We finished packing up and headed north to Fort William where we tried to get tickets on the train that was used in the filming of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express but it was sold out so instead, we went to the viaduct it goes over to watch. It was incredible. We also saw the tower that was used for the astronomy tower in Harry Potter. Lastly, we saw the spot where the Hogwarts Lake wide angle shots are filmed and where Hagrid can be seen in the third movie skipping rocks. We even saw the island where Dumbledore’s tomb is situated. We went to dinner where I got pasta carbonara which was very good. On our way back the car it was raining and we got soaked. It was very cold! We got wetter than we’ve ever gotten in the shortest amount of time possible. It was kind of crazy but we were all laughing. The person who we were supposed to stay with was not replying to us when we tried to contact them. We had to find a new place to say at 8 PM at night in a town that was sold out. Fortunately, we managed to find one spot that was that was very nice. Today we started by trying to get tickets again on the same train but failed yet again, unfortunately. We went and got some breakfast which was quite nice and was pretty much what we needed. A good Scottish breakfast including haggis. We went to the Isle of Skye. We climbed up Olde Man of the Storr and I ran up most of it. We also saw sheep and collected a little bit of wool. The sheep were very cute and seemed to be quite happy with themselves munching on grass and watching people fall, slip, and slide down the mountain. Then we went to see a waterfall which was cool and then we headed home to get dinner and go to sleep. I’m on the ferry right now headed to our house for the night.   






3 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Isle of Skye

  • Awesome that you got to see where Harry Potter was filmed! Did you yell Voldemort as loud as you could just to see if he would come out of the lake and try to cast the Avada Kedavra spell?

  • Catrina Stratton
    3 years ago

    Thank you Rhys for sharing your adventure!
    What is Haggis? It does not sound very goid but better then bread pudding for sure.
    Awaiting your next post

  • Heather Jackson
    3 years ago

    Yahh for all the Harry Potter nerds out there! Dave just started reading the first one to K.

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