We arrived on the island of Lindau in Lake Constance. The island is connected to the shore by a bridge. All the streets are very old. Many streets do not allow cars and are made of old cobblestones. The lake its self is claimed by Austria who says it owns half the lake, Switzerland who says they own a third of it and Germany who has no preference. The island as it is land is claimed by Germany. We arrived at our apartment and I found that I had a very Harry Potter room. I couldn’t even stand up! We decided to go for a walk and We found a traveling carnival! It was one of the less “Hey let’s buy some metal from a junkyard and make lots of money”. We still didn’t do any rides. At their maximum height, the swings ride were about six inches from an old tower. We walked out to a lighthouse that they built. they didn’t need one they just thought it looked cool. We took some pictures and went to the store by our house for stuff for dinner. We ate and went to bed.

The next few days we explored the island. We went up the rickety old staircase that led to the top of the lighthouse and learned that the town had decided that it wanted to be a real port city so they built a lighthouse. The lighthouse is not used because it is hard to get lost on a lake so now it is a cell tower. We ate some good chesnuts walked around the whole island and I slipped and my shoe went in the water on one of the beaches. We also ate a bratwurst that was cooked on a net on chins so they could cook many over one fire. We had some amazing smoked salmon that was in a salad in a bowl that was edible and tasted like a blander waffle cone. It was super good. We also had some great spaetzle. Festival food is really good in Europe.


2 Responses to “Lindau

  • Barb Walker
    2 years ago

    I’m hungry after reading every one of your posts. Do you think I could have stood up in that Harry Potter room? Sometimes being short is an advantage!

  • Janet Shown
    2 years ago

    Traveling through Europe on your “virtual tour” is better than watching a movie! Every detail you share makes it all come alive. Thanks for bringing us along, Rhys!

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