Back to Munich

We arrived in Munich in the early afternoon. We decided to walk so we went to the Glockenspiel area. We also saw an orchestra in the square. They had a grand piano, bass, cello, violin, and flute. The piano was on a little cart so you could tip it over and roll it on the side to go places. They were good musicians.

We couldn’t get a bratwurst as the shop was closed like everything else on Sundays. We could not do any of our shopping as everything was closed. We decided that we should try to find something to eat and found that the one restaurant open near us was a Chinese dumpling and noodle bowl place. They got our order wrong but the food was still really good!

The next morning we did another walk and completed our shopping. That afternoon Dad took our car back to the rental place and I stayed in the apartment while Mom and Dad went to dinner with a friend.

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