Pisa and Tuscany

This week we have stayed in a house in a vineyard in Tuscany. They grew olives and grapes to make wine and olive oil which we were generously gifted some of. We stayed there for four nights and I loved playing lacrosse in their small soccer field. The drive to get to the house took us through a tiny village. I felt like I had to hold my breath as we drove so we did not hit the cars and buildings right next to the street. The villagers even strung laundry across the road it was so narrow! This was a great place to stay and we even had a log fire that was nice and warmed the house up nicely. We played cards every night and I taught Mom to play Slap Jack and she taught me how to play Hearts.



  This afternoon we went and saw the leaning tower of Pisa. It is kinds crazy because at home it would be closed but here the just put some weak fences on it and say “Okay let’s open it to the public”. We got a quick sandwich that we ate while we were in line. We went to the top and as I was looking down off the higher side I  looked straight out and saw the ground. It really messes with your mind to go up tilted steps. We watched the sunset from the top and it was a really good one. There were great colors and large beams of light.

I greatly enjoyed watching all the tourists Leaning Tower of Pisa poses where they were trying to hold up the tower. There were literally groups of 10-20 people posing. There were some trying told to hold it up, some trying to push it over, some holding it like a wedding cake or balancing it on their hand and some lined up so they were missing it entirely!

We climbed down as the light started to fall and went home to our house in the vineyard.

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2 Responses to “Pisa and Tuscany

  • Tom Bieging
    2 years ago

    Another great sunset!

  • Janet Shown
    2 years ago

    HAHAHA! I like the photo of the Leaning Tower of Rhys with the tower of Pisa in the background. Love your post, too.

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