Our Trip By the Numbers

We have had a long trip so far but what exactly are some of the numbers for it?

13 Boats

1 veggie peeler used to cut cheese

2 hot springs

“thank you” in 7 languages

3 seas

4 college tours

3 sports played

2 basketball games

8 airplanes

7 months

17 countries

7 currencies

I have grown 7 inches

2 new pairs of shoes

6 species eaten

11 modes of transportation

8 passport stamps

5 tiny puppies met 1 of which I got to bottle feed (two of which are pictured here)

2 continents

1 movie  theater

2 swimming pools

1 horse carriage

…and counting!

3 Responses to “Our Trip By the Numbers

  • Great job Rhys…..can you tell in earlier pictures that you’ve grown that much? My grandson, Tim, has grown about 9” – 10” in the same amount of time. Wow and what a great experience.

  • Barb Walker
    1 week ago

    I love the idea of using a veggie peeler to slice cheese. Never would have thought of that one!

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